How do you feel about -by morfeas9




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20 responses to “How do you feel about -by morfeas9

  1. Anonymous

    eksigas mas to lio!!

  2. Ce que vous pensez du changement?

  3. Anonymous

    hm… periorismenes oi gnwseis twn gallikwn mu!

  4. If it’s a good change I like it. If it’s a bad change I don’t.

  5. Ke mena!:P

    En ithela na po kati parapano apo oti lali i frasi pu moni tis. Change. What’s up with that?

  6. dixos to pseeema tha’tan mavri i aliii8iaaaaa!

  7. What does that even mean? 🙂

  8. what?what?
    is that a question about my comment, passenger?

  9. Maria mu ipies ta xapia su simera?

  10. elipsan mu re!
    giafto imun lligo apotomi me ton dear passenger!(sorry btw)

    se posi wra fevgume?

  11. se 4 mins!!

    stockholm here we come!

  12. Mmm compared with other replies I’ve had here this one is just fine. Funny too.



  13. Did we ever offend u dear passenger?

  14. Let me check my notes…

  15. ego giati esigxistika?
    Morfea giati stokxolmi?

    Kofko piso, xano episodia. Eimai akoma sto Fourier Space, prepei na kamo enan inverse transform na rto piso!

    Miss u guys.

  16. roam,
    andi parisi, ipame na pame stokxolmi.!
    see you in cyprus!

  17. na re tora imaste stokxolmi!! poses fores na fao croissant stin monmarti?

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