How do you feel about -by morfeas9




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9 responses to “How do you feel about -by morfeas9

  1. Sometimes silence reassures me, sometimes it scares me…

  2. marilena

    I wear it like a mask..

  3. epanalamvano:
    silence is for cowards.

    there’s always smth in your mind. it’s just that you are afraid to speak up.

  4. Always?

    Not always.Definitely not always.

    The highest level of both bliss and despair is exactly this: Silence

  5. “Silence is the virtue of fools.”
    Francis Bacon

    This supports your saying roam, but I don’t know. Silence is a powerful tool. It could be the virtue of the smartest.

  6. Silence is a double-glazing window allowing you to enjoy voyerism while others fuck their brains out to Brahms. Later you will all meet on the elevator going down and yet exchange no glances.

  7. Btw: morfeas, break the silence if you need a place still.

  8. Demetris health wasn’t at peak so… I will contact you soon.

  9. “…Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent….”
    Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    John(ny) ‘Rotten’ Lydon and the lads.

    Something about silence makes me sick
    ‘Cause silence can be violent
    Sorta like a slit wrist…”

    “…and you can say so many things, quote upon quote… and still say nothing.”
    the Idiot Mouflon.

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