mujisbury’s. -by maria t.

you see, i had to throw it away. who would take care of it? and anyways, everyone else will leave in a few days as well. so. yeah.

it was my mistake to buy it in the first place.

i knew that i would go to stupid trips. and then, nobody would water it for quite some time.

i wasn’t there for three days. then i was missing for one or two weeks. i was even out for a whole month. but yeah, ok, that time i took it to a friend’s.

it didn’t die in the end. but,.. you see, i just had to throw it away.



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26 responses to “mujisbury’s. -by maria t.

  1. The big nutty things could be hazelnuts and the dirt could be fudge. Man, I so need chocolate right now.

  2. passenger? egkastrothikes chocolate? thoris to fito ke vlepis nuts? u hav a problem!

    den epies ston kunelli… tststs.

  3. It’s not a problem, it’s art. That should resonate with you.

    How would you know if I did go or not though?

  4. Yes, yes… to gnosto: everything and nothing is art.

    Heh… so epies?:)

  5. Nope. I have a thing with old Nicosia, it’s kind of an allergy, most times I’m ok with it but there are occassions when I don’t even want to catch sight of it. Friday was one of those occassions. I can’t control it, what can I say?

  6. haha!your thing for old nicosia is quite funny!

    anws, if you still neeeed chocolate so much we could go somewhere for a choc milkshake or something..!

    the third member of the prawnkrakas(roam) is coming to cy soon, so we should arrange something if you wish!

  7. ne passenger na vrethume kato kato… lidras!

  8. eh karterate meeee.

    15 june i shall be landing (hopefully) in larnaka.

    Na pame kala ka8oumena/double 6 na pioume kana ximo/frape

  9. En ginete ena normal cafe?

  10. ti en to “normal cafe” kiriiieee?(rwta i mikri maria ton kirio daskalo sikonnondas to xeri stin taksi)

  11. Xaaaxaaaxaaaaa 🙂

    I totally feel you morfea 😀

  12. ti exun sior ta kala ka8umena?
    na ka8ese jame ekso na sherete i psishi su!

  13. …oi messss ton dromo aspume!

  14. Oh nothing nothing.


  15. grrr!
    there are of course in-between choices…something in the middle..oi sta “trendades stekkia” ute sta “hippu8kia tis ledras” stekkia!
    something like..”allou”?

  16. Maria… pos pinis to starbucks su ipamen?

    Passenger otan pao palia nic den anatrixiazo opos esena but it aint my best! Otan pino cafe to entexno den exi xoro!

  17. Kalan sior pios emilise gia entexno?

    To Kala Ka8oumena eshi omorfes glastres je areskei mou o xoros. Telia kafenes.

    To Double Six kamnei polla oreous ximous je pale eshei omorfes glastres stin avloudan tou!

    Je to starbucks eshei kalous kanapedes gia na ara3eis gia polles polles ores.

    To idio je to Costa/Coffee Beanery ktl ktl.

  18. Sto starbucks en 3ero ti 8a pino fetos.

    Iced Americano? To Frapucchino mporei na me pe8anei pou sugar overload.

    Eutixos pou iparxei k to mango citrus.

  19. Oh I go to Kala Kathoumena almost every Saturday, imagine what would happen if I actually liked the place

    It depends on the severity of my allergy and the strength of my immune system against old hippies, young wannabe hippies/beatnicks, and mad old ladies who beg for money.

    As for starbucks, I went there a couple of times and to me it feels like a high school cafeteria – there are times when I feel I am breaking the law just by looking at people.

    Currently I am doing my coffee residency at coffee beenery which is the only place in this town that reminds me of the UK.

  20. Coffee beanery reminds me of a cemetery. Quite close to dying youth.

  21. You are that scared of ageing then?

  22. Grave diggaaaar if you dig my grave can you make it shallow so that I can feel the raiiiiiin

  23. Not scared of ageing. Just wanna make use of the max at each point. C.B. seems a bit dead 2me.

  24. Ah, like the Pepsi advert.

  25. @pass
    heh!..quite an entertaining description of the place’ crowd : “old hippies, young wannabe hippies/beatnicks, and mad old ladies who beg for money.”

    i was there today actually..and that lady with the short curly hair(one of your “mad old ladies who beg for money” ) was being really pushy and rude with me again,.!

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