Spazio Pomodoro -by morfeas9

AB: And this human being is perennially travelling…
JK: The greatest literary adventure, that of Homer, speaks of a journey that ends with a return, and this can be Ithaca as well as Dublin. One cannot leave this condition, that of traveling and chance. The return serves to codify the adventure.

AB: Is there something of which you cannot conceive of or accept?
JK: I cannot conceive of betrayal because betrayal is the starting point of all the gravest weaknesses. Betrayal is not possible.

AB: Betrayal in which sense? Of the work? Of language? Of friendship?
JK: All the serious betrayals. Betrayal stops the trip and the experience in an active sense. It brings you to the inevitable ‘return to order’ that, for me, is unacceptable.

AB: And towards what should we be faithful?
JK: We should be faithful towards the hypothesis of our boundaries.



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5 responses to “Spazio Pomodoro -by morfeas9

  1. “Faithful towards the hypothesis of our boundaries”?

    Is that another Babelfish translation ?


  2. This interview was given in english as it is. Tuton ennouses?

  3. In that case, what does that sentence mean?

  4. Heh… rota ton Kounelli!:)

    I guess the aknowlegment of possibilities/boundaries, against an adidas ad supporting that “impossible is nothing”, will activate persistance. Try.

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