The place -by morfeas9

[Koynellis]. Friendly physiognomy. Mustache. Greek is, says him with certainty. Been born Piraeus. Comfortably I could him imagine with a open shirt [xemplekei] nets in a harbour there near.
“Ithaca has died”.
It mourns. Him it killed the monster. [Mantam] Pennelope was tired to wait for [ki]'[eipe] it takes the power in her hands. The statement this woke up the other. Does not become the hope [bythistike] thus simply. It is excluded. It was the one before last thing that them woke up the morning. “I disagree”, it is heard from opposite.
The place of artist in the current season. This is called [synarmologisei]. The bacon. [Mpekket]. [Pikasso]. It repeats systems and virtual symbols. It compares us. I enjoyed his [asygkrotito] reason, but had fixed the bonds in advance.
 If I did not have the Italian my sulphur I would follow the foreign language speaker adverbs that began his each proposal. Obvious the influence. The look of hot. Accessible. However questions. “Outside from the frame”. Thus [charaktise] [epicheirrima]. However his words were inside [kornizas] and well [kremmasmenes]. His work and the reason of incompatible. Spoke a tired painter. However this.
 At [t]'[alla], it gave me street and returned in the manufacture. [Dixei] [Semptebri].
[Y].[G].: Interest I found more the public. Knowledge or opposite. Exterior picture in various expected stages. The place.
Ode to a failed translation. Try.

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Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be tradition?

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