7 days -by morfeas9

On the 2nd September 1944 the Company moved early in the morning and at noon we stopped for rest and watered the animals by a riverside.  Immediately the Germans spotted us and commenced artillery fire against our Company and the animals panicked and tried to break free.  I and Sergeant Ali Faik [Turk] went to see our section animals.  When we walked into the open fields one shell exploded and one piece fell to my right side just one meter in front of us.  I kept it for a souvenir but lost it at the front line with my army bag in September 1944.



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2 responses to “7 days -by morfeas9

  1. yummmyyy!7 days!alla oi me chocolate,!to rodakino en to kallittero!7 days rodakino roooockks!

  2. ne… spot on maria m!

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