6 days -by morfeas9

On the 3rd September 1944 we advanced and in the afternoon we arrived at Orpino area where there was a small river and we camped for the night.  In the morning at 10 o’clock we had the second strong artillery fire from the mountain of German Gothic Line.  After the Duty Officer asked me to go to register how many wounded solders and mules there were.  We had 9 soldiers and 6 mules.


The 9 soldiers were moved to the Ninth Indian Mobile Casualty Clearing Station.  In the afternoon a message arrived to the Company to prepare to depart.  I had an order to stay behind with Corporal Nikos to be responsible for the archive movable office, one safe with money and the arming 6 soldiers and a lorry.  At midnight we woke from the noise of an aeroplane bombarding the area with arson bombshell that caused fires.  This was the first time we had seen this.  Fortunately nothing happened to us because the bulk of the soldiers and animals had departed.


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