4 days -by morfeas9

On 5th September 1944 I received an order in the afternoon to lead my section to transport provision to the front to the Fourth Indian Division to the Bearded Sink Soldiers.  We loaded the provisions on the animals and conveyed them to the mountains.  At the half way distance we arrived in the open fields and were easy targets for the Germans, so we used the zig zagged method when they began to cannonade us.  We were three sections and my section arrived to the height area where the Indian Soldiers were based.  The soldiers unloaded the mules and returned fast to their company.  I started to return alone in the heavy rain.  Opposite there was a height where under heavy rain; English cannons cannonaded the German line.  An English Sergeant shouted to me to go near the cannon and he guided me to the kitchen underground and offered me a hot tea.  I returned to my Company in the rain, which was half mile away.



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5 responses to “4 days -by morfeas9

  1. 2 days left. am i right?
    good luck…an je den me simferi na pais kala.

    an 8elis na kamis kanena break, give me a call.

  2. thx mana m! and thx 4the honesty…:P na vrethume triti or tetarti molis telioso!!

  3. morf mou good luck.

    pienne gie mou a8ina je aista londina.

    an ke u have to decide gia na doun ti 8a kamoun me to flat…

    perki na men evre8ikete koma pou tin imera pou efiete….wondering whose ‘fault’ it is.
    pale joimase os tis 5 je meta fkeneis gia kafe me tous ‘high’ filous sou?! 3ipna reeee.
    i zoi en mitsia gia na joimoumaste.

  4. 1. pio pithano na ime londino.
    2. o ipnos kamni kalo.
    3. evrethikamen.
    4. roam mu sinelthe… i filoi m en mia xara:)

    5. thx…. enna diksi avrio!!

  5. ma ti xaritomenoi pu isaste.?
    en se kati stigmes san ki’aftes pu mas pethimw!

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