my own 7 days – RoAm

I was right there. Viewing the hill. The enemy comprised of 3 squads, the 2 with subdivisions.

The first was the Quantum Mechanics squad. Vicious operators, barriers with infinite potentials and even worse, finite one. Laplacians, hermitian conditions and other things i was trained to overcome and tame.

The second was the Mathematics squad. 3 subdivisions; statistics, fourier analysis and differential equations. Each one had its own tricks. And i had to be able to disarm all three in one go. Highest levels of concetration were required.

The third squad had two divisions; electrons in solids and applications of quantum mechanics. I really was prepared to lose on this one. I was prepared to die or even worse commit suicide without even realising it.

When i reached the 5th day all the squads were down. But i didn’t know how badly injured i was.

The continuation of the story shall emerge only after the 5th day.

It is still unknown.


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