2nd aglandjia jazz festival, last night. -by maria t.

at the old aglandjia square, with a summer breeze, beer, and vinegar flavored chips.

at the same time in new york, the jazz-age lawn party on governors island is taking place. photographed by the sartorialist.



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14 responses to “2nd aglandjia jazz festival, last night. -by maria t.

  1. marilena

    Και γιατι δεν μας ενημέρωσες που πρίν? Ουτε που ήξερα οτι ο δήμος Αγλαντζιάς διοργανώνει έτσι πράμα. Εν να ήθελα πολλα να πάω!

  2. ishen arketo publicity…en se efimerida pu to ida egw.!

    alla afu to eferen i kuvenda, evala sta deksia to link tou “access arts”, pu eshi list ta parapano events coming up.!have a look!

  3. marilena

    Ξερω το access arts, αλλά λόγω έλλειψης χρόνου τις τελευταίες βδομάδες εν είχα ιδέα τι events εγίναν τζαι εν να γίνουν.

  4. I was there at the first one. It’s been a year already? God it seems like yesterday.

    I need a drink again

  5. i was at the first one as well…it was way better!

  6. Yeah, some other people I know went there last night and they had the same opinion.

  7. Or the same opinion had them. Man, I’m so bored, I could write pseudo-profound crap like that all night.

  8. ohh passengerr!you wanna go for sushiii?

  9. e oi popse re pethkia en mporo! pamen akakiko? sweet n sour duck ke mia salata pu fitzia which i never thought i would like… hmmmm

  10. Mmmm..I already had dinner

  11. enna paw me tes filenades morfea an 8elis na ertis..?!

  12. ma popse? afu enna pais stis ores right?

  13. enikserw an 8a paw stes wres=p
    enna diksei!
    the night is young(dishhh)!

  14. gamoto areskei mou i jazz….
    pushto agglia

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