Alarm 12:05 -by morfeas9

It’s summer. Forget all the crap about “oh, what does that mean”. Kame ena frappe, vale radio -not entexna mana mou, vale tpt me beat na aniksi i karkia su- efka ekso na su doki to aerui ke o ilios. I know, I know… but we need balance. Don’t we? Pienne sto proigumeno post, aku ton Petrelli den ine ntropi. I know it’s crap, but it was a sign for me. Yes, God send me Petrellis. Ke akoma ki an pinnis to frappe, don’t loose sight of what is about to come. Insist.



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33 responses to “Alarm 12:05 -by morfeas9

  1. marilena

    An unbalanced life is way better. And thankfully we can find the beat beyond petrellis and the so called entehna. Ate to all tomorrow’s parties!

  2. It’s always gonna b unbalanced, but ‘pan metron ariston’. Afto ennousa!

    The most moving beat, i find it in the most cheesy things. It’s my oxygen. O kathenas me ta dika tu omos.

  3. marilena

    No, fuck that pan metron shit! It always had to do with others posing control because of unwanted actions. That’s their justification; the “metro”. And Kleovoulos actually said “metron ariston”.
    Well, you can find beat everywhere! 😀

  4. Of all the pop songs in the whole god damn world you find Petrellis the most moving?

    What exactly are you saying Marilena?

  5. I disagree Marilena.. an excess of something can be thrilling and we need it from time to time. Yet, in the end of the day life would be unbearable if we enjoyed everything in larger than life quantities. I really can’t think of even one thing that i would like to have in a such a high degree.

    I don’t find Petrelis the most moving… but this song actually means something to me believe it or not. And it does give me motive. What’s wrong with that?

  6. I support the highly emporiko genre of cheesy songs and i am actually a big fan of tsiftetelia! And proud of it.

    Poson Hirst na anteksi ena plasma? It’s my balanace… ke mporo na po arketoi from my art side find it inexplicable, but it works for me!

  7. Poson Hirst na anteksei ena plasma indeed.

  8. E ides!:) Petrellis-Hirst 1-0 for now

  9. marilena

    I (re)defined a phrase where the meaning, intentionally or unintentionally, was altered.

  10. marilena

    Morfeas, on a biological basis I agree with what you said.

    Passenger are you talking about my first comment?

  11. Yeah yeah, the one one about balance

  12. marilena

    Sometimes, the way people perceive a balanced life makes me to want mine unbalanced.

  13. Heh… balance does not necessarily equal to metriotita, boredom or grey colours in general.

  14. Brilliant, it’s all clear now. Thekkiou

  15. marilena

    I know, that’s why I said it.

  16. Passenger… i think simera u deserve an eksodos! Nomizo eklistikes polla mesa. Ha?

  17. It’s the heat. My circuits don’t handle heat well.

  18. Have u heared of air-conditioning??

  19. Yeah but I decided to do my bit to save the planet from global warming. I am reducing my carbon footprint and preventing excess heat from escaping into the atmosphere and….

    Ha, only kidding I’m switching the air conditioning on right now, the hell with the planet, I’m in a bad mood.

  20. I agree.. do u really care bout ur child’s granchild??

    Re efka ekso lalo su! Ego sazume tora…

  21. Child? Who mentioned children? Blasphemy! Burn! Burrrnnnnn!

    I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve been hearing about parenthood a lot lately and I react a bit awkwardly to the whole issue.

    Yeah, I’ll put a full stop here. Onwards.

  22. In Cyprus old enough to be married and have children it seems. i.e quite young 🙂

  23. Lol. e pe mu re poson??

    BTW ekames to xiliosto comment… congrats! kerdizis ena… en ksero enna skefto k na supo!

  24. Oh man, really? I knew something was going to come out of this marathon session.

    You haven’t been reading my blog man. YOU HAVEN’T BEEN READING. Αμαν το διαβάσεις εννά μπορέσεις να συμπεράνεις την ηλικία μου.

  25. lol… pano kato i know file mu! alla en ksero akrivos! thkievazo re!!!

    ethiktikes mani mani…!

  26. I like my comments with drama, perhaps even some pantomime.

  27. an empedosa ena prama pu esena ine tuto…! why dont u change ur nickname 2 dramaking??

  28. You don’t change a brand name when it’s selling


  29. drama requires a bit of psonisma! to exis vre! to xis!

  30. chatroom prawnkraka here

  31. yes roam… ur here! na men to fonazume blog pleon??

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