Gestus -by morfeas9

I should be censored and silenced. I should only talk to the right people, at the right time. I should not reveal too much. I should not easily trust or easily give away. I should be tactful and diplomatic.

I should smile, tilt my head to the left and give the right answer.

Training needed.



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5 responses to “Gestus -by morfeas9

  1. αμαν τα έκαμνες τούτα ούλλα, η ζωή σου θα ήταν πολλάααα βαρετή.

  2. i know i know… somethimes a bit of tact is required. i cant open up with honesty to a tixontas.

  3. Eν σαν να τζαι διας ορκο…εν να το λαλλω καθε πρωι αντι για προσευχη(οί οτι καμνω την προσευχη μου καθε πρωι)

  4. From:

    Human, All Too Human

    VI. Man in Society


    Miscalculating in society.— One person wants to be interesting by virtue of his judgments, another by his likes and dislikes, a third by his acquaintances, a fourth by his isolation—and all of them are miscalculating. For the person for whom they are putting on the spectacle thinks that he himself is the only spectacle that counts.


    Tactics in conversation.— After a conversation with someone, one is best disposed towards his partner in conversation if he had the opportunity to display to him his own wit and amiability in its full splendor. Clever men who want to gain someone’s favor use this during a conversation, giving the other person the best opportunities for a good joke and the like. One could imagine an amusing conversation between two very clever people, both of whom want to gain the other’s favor and therefore toss the good conversational opportunities back and forth, neither one accepting them—so that the conversation as a whole would proceed without wit or amiability because each one was offering the other the opportunity to demonstrate wit and amiability.

  5. @entelechia: yup kati paromio me orko… epanalamvano ta tu eaftu mu na ta thimate!

    @moufflon: endiaferon… diladi na men dixno wit gia nadiksi o allos ke sto telos na men dixni kanenas!

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