Brechtian -by morfeas9



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14 responses to “Brechtian -by morfeas9

  1. tiiii simvennei? prospa8ume na kamume emotional disassociation from the cypriot “kataklismos” drama ,on stage?
    nice try.

  2. There is no bad or good aesthetics… there is just aesthetics! U c?

  3. Then ur sight must be bound.

  4. I see that you tolerate opposing views well.

  5. Lol… Ur view does not oppose mine in this case!

  6. Well, if you prefer to believe that it does not then I won’t argue.

  7. What you call bad aesthetics, is still aesthetics. Yet good aesthetics are the succesful ones that have an impact. If aesthetics that dont harmonically combine are succesful then the bad becomes good. Get me?

  8. heh… not exactly what i had in mind but useful anyway!:P

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