yeahh babee! -by maria t.

I knew i loved those ankle boots…

…but, let’s just say that more people will now!!!

(the following is from filep motwary’s blog):

After the lovely dinner, I had to rush towards the MAD music awards ceremony to support my beloved friend AlexKavvadias, frontman for Matisse, as he was nominated for three awards. I felt extatic when I realized that Pop Star TAMTA, wore Filep Motwary F/W 08/09 ankle boots to perform her song onstage. I am so thankfull for this. Later, I met her backstage and we were introduced. We talked about the band-aid I had on my cheek, to hide a shaving accident and she gave my a couple of tips.I think she is the coolest!

I am sorry that the photo is out of focus but I was trying how to use my new Sony camera at the same time..

Alex and Matisse didn’t get any award finally but for me he is a winner anyway..



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4 responses to “yeahh babee! -by maria t.

  1. Oh wow I got a massive deja vu right now. They look good though

  2. a deja vu abouuuuttt???
    a deja vu about me liking the filep motwary ankle boots?
    a deja vu about the filep motwary ankle boots on Tamta’s feet?
    a deja vu about both?

  3. I’m sure it’s centered around ankle boots.

  4. I think it has something to do with a Greek morning show. There was a woman too, and she was wearing them. Could be a year ago, could be two, could be even longer than that.

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