Natzis -by morfeas9

I, Morfeas9, am getting tired of these fake culture grouppies.

“Oh, I’m so within art, oh I’m better than others. The place you go to, the song you listen to, the clothes you wear, the statements you make. They all just give you cheap pleasure, oh.”

I’m tired of the “artsy” natzis emmitting that lifeless lifestyle image.

“Oh, I’m mourning nature’s death, I’m gonna wear black today and listen to some ecleptic improvisations, whilst drinking my wine, oh.”

We all have taste/opinion/selection abilitites, yet don’t look down on others in order to feel that temporal supreme feeling of the natzi. And please, stop making statements like “Oh, that’s crap. Oh that’s so not me”. At least do it behind my back.

Cyprus 2008



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2 responses to “Natzis -by morfeas9


    “…So eager to please
    Peer pressure decrees
    So eager to please
    Peer pressure decrees…”

    Dead Kennedys “ChickenShit Conformist”

  2. It is a factor indeed… me megalon effect.

    There are 2sides or more… yet sometimes we concentrate on only one. In everything.

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