O-key -stolen by morfeas9

Maybe a general change of direction is warranted. Not maybe. Definitely. Hmmm. Yes. Now. As a friend would say, O-key. Wow that rhymes. What a coincidence. Sometimes I steal bits off other people’s writing. Words, that is, not actual sentences. The little words, maybe not even that, maybe just sounds set on pixels. Are these copyrighted? I feel kinda bad for doing it. Should I say adopt? It sounds a lot better. In the blog world where there are no faces or voices the blogger’s writing style is the only distinguishing feature. Writing styles are like faces. Even if two blogs seem to have an almost identical writing style a closer inspection will reveal the subtle fingerprint-like creases that make them unique.I just thought of that. An original thought, for me. I don’t get many original thoughts lately. Often I just re-hash old ones. It’s great to make new thoughts. O-key



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2 responses to “O-key -stolen by morfeas9

  1. I would prefer it if you mentioned that it was written by me.That’s all.

  2. I knew you would do it for me.

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