Marlboro -by morfeas9

What happens now? Suggestions? A sign maybe? That would be helpful.



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14 responses to “Marlboro -by morfeas9

  1. marilena

    Light a cigarette and then ride around the city with a bike.
    The sign, as you call it, is your results.

  2. marilena

    I don’t mean that you have to act only on the basis that you did or didn’t get admitted. But if you did, why being puzzled about what to do? And even if you didn’t, there’re still alternatives.

  3. I don’t think that the sign is the results… that’s not how signs work:P

    Alternatives. Well the puzzle is that I have choice… choices.

  4. ma en ethoruses “floricienta” re marilena?
    sighs are not the results. in the best case you’ll get a talking tree to help out.

  5. or a talking dog in the case of maria de sol an thimume kala!?:P

  6. marilena

    I still haven’t explored avant garde sci-fi latin american series.

  7. distixos i mnimi mu den pai toso makria!talking dog, ha?

    marilena, den to perimena apo esena!ine must afto to exploration!

  8. marilena

    I will start my exploration on avant garde latin american television in September. I heard Goldsmiths library has a great movie collection.

  9. It has… lalis na tin episkefto pote ksana?:P

  10. re marilena…does that mean that you will join us(if “us” will still be there, that is) for sure?!

  11. marilena: i am really jealous of their dvd library actually…hopefully next year we ll all watch dvd’s at maria’s flat. (without knowing what all means)

  12. lol… look maria’s flat may not be maria’s flat!:P

    Eshi lathos tunto sense of complete UNCERTAINTY?

  13. eshi POOOOLLLLLIIIIINN lathos re morfea!

  14. mana m…. at least our lives aint boring!

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