5.9.7 -by morfeas9

Just give 5 mins on stage to Louras and he can make you burst into extreme laughter. Even if he’s not talking, he steals the show just by appearing. I, Morfeas9 admit to be Loura’s fan. I remember him when I was young playing the second role in “Irini” alongside Moustakas. It’s been like 7 years and still here I am and would be. I hope he’ll be around when/-/



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14 responses to “5.9.7 -by morfeas9

  1. I, maria t admit to be Loura’s daughter’s fan.

  2. like father like daughter??

  3. ………..btw the post excludes T.V. productions!:)

  4. reee!you have to see her!”performance revised” was by her!it was one of the best performances i’ve ever seen!
    i could never describe to you what went on!

  5. ma ti na su pw re?san erkesun!epies mu pasydi!
    artos olee!
    epiasen i pelli su combination of texts. euripides, shakespear, ritso, muller…
    en ekseres pote ekamne acting je pote emilusen me kapion sto koino…
    itan ena experience..
    se mia fasi sikonnete o typos pu emashetun sta lightings, je pai mbrosta je pezi mazin tis…
    espasen karpuzi stin skini, je psimena makaronia spaghetti.

    meta ekame mbanio.

    pws na su eksigisw?
    en itan theatriki parastasi, itan ena performance.

  6. sounds interesting enough… ixen ke o plutos mian pattixa!:P

    what else is going on at artos now?

  7. marilena

    Are you talking about Artos foundation?

  8. yeah, artos foundation..
    they have a website morfeas, check it out yourself!

  9. i’m 2busy 2do that! lol:P

  10. etsi ine!
    “i doulia kani tous antres” morfea mu!opos lei ke to gnwston laikon asman!

    …”osoi ine pallikaria, ti zoi tous tin pernoun stis skalosies..!”

  11. ola ine sxetika!(????)

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