new shop. -by maria t.

selling ooonly natural, eco-friendly, organic products!

cool stuff. I bought “βάφλες μήλου με κανέλα” (made in cyprus) and cookies with whit rice, flour, cocoa and spices (the good news is that none of these were nasty people, they were delicious). you can also find eco-friendly fashion.

The highlight was the shopping bag. Made by potato flour!

You can find the shop at one of the καντούνια in makarios str. (lefkosia).



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7 responses to “new shop. -by maria t.

  1. Αν σε πιάσει λιγούρα μπορείς να φάεις την τσάντα;

  2. mmm!ixa ke egw tin idia evlogi aporia!

  3. passenger….? r u avoiding me lately??

  4. morfea…
    kserw oti o ponos ine avastaxtos (ke to paradexome, oti ke egw ponw!)…
    alla sigkratithu!
    min kanis skini!
    diavazi ke ksenos kosmos!

  5. haha i did try to eat the bag…

    and the cookies were nice.

    the place is somewhere near Miss Sixty.

  6. u see… his not answering again!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  7. ouuff!enikserw ti epathen!
    mbori na epapses agapi na thimizis!

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