Which shape do you prefer? -by morfeas9

Please help me choose! -I’m being serious about this- Please…!



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13 responses to “Which shape do you prefer? -by morfeas9

  1. τον κύκλο. ακόμη καλύτερα, το τετράγωνο

  2. e men mu vallis ke tritin epilogi! choice is a pain in the ass!:P

    ti eshi to tetragono dld?

  3. haha!thimase tin makran sizitisi peri tou idiou thematos meta to can festival?se jino to cafe apenandi pu to waterloo station?me akoma dio sinomilites!

  4. Lol… ekamamen etsi prama? pu ekataliksamen?:P

    mouflon isun poli katatopistikos!?

  5. en ekataliksamen!
    reee!itan o filos mu o philosophos je i fili su pu miniski waterloo…
    ouuu!en athimase tipote!
    ise enas geros ksikutis!

  6. lol.. thimume ta plasmata aplos en ethimumun tin kuventa. nomizo tzintin imera akusa pio shocking pramata:P

    en mu apantise kanenas omos what to choose yet!!

  7. Journey


    The triangle is rooted in thousands of years of history. The symbol itself focuses upward to the sun, to the deity. It is the pyramids. In current times it is the hierarchy in management. Triangles are the ultimate symbol of leadership.

  8. a circle gives you an endless set of combinations. i feel that the triangle limits my possibilities… but it is still quite powerful tool.

  9. I ‘d take the circle. I don’t really know why.

  10. It’s wayyy more theatrical!

  11. circle because it is so much more fundamental than a triangle.

    circle is encountered everywhere in maths/physics.

    and just that beautiful ratio π that comes up in all (ALLLL) applications etc….

    by all means choose the circle.

    ultimately symmetric and mystical.

  12. between the circle and the triangle comes the ‘or’. maybe i should choose that one… i mean it’s still a circle isnt it?

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