finally. the marc jacobs. -by maria t.

i finally got them. these marc jacobs beauties.

ohhh. just look at them!

no,no,no!, your eyes are not fooling you…the heel is not where it’s suppose to be.

you got to love them.

this is not about buying some big brand name.

this is about appreciating an artist, and his art(yeah..the whole “money and art” issue).



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25 responses to “finally. the marc jacobs. -by maria t.

  1. I can see it, that walking on the moon effect.

    Αν φκαίνουν τζιαι σε ρόζ με σπιρούνια θέλω τζιεγώ

  2. mmm!ta spirounia pu akrivos ta fandazese?
    pandos to rozoudin tha su epigennen ta mala!

    p.s.:en tha xriasti na graftw stus AA telika..!pamen kala=p

  3. καλαν.. εν εχει chance να ππέσεις; εν ισχύει ο νόμος βαρύτητα δαμε; *confused face

  4. ha!eee, kita, osa itan ta chances na skotothw me “mainstream” heels, tosa eni je me tuta!

  5. Bizarre.It looks like it was made by M.C.Escher.

  6. maria enthousiastika otan mou eipes oti en marc jakob alla en eperimena nan etsi skedio.

    pote en na ta testaroume? 8elo na se do na perpatas.

    pou en to katastima me tin ekptosi?

    8elo jeans je kamia kali fanella. ouffou
    money money money

  7. roammmmm!
    ti ennois “etsi skedion”???
    ta dr.martens mu, en su areskun,
    i mboines i kafe, en su areskun,
    ta marc jacobs, en su areskun!

    eee aman pia!!!

  8. areskun m emenan maria m:)

  9. Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!


    ‘Course it ain’t the shoes that make the difference at the end of the day.

  10. Got any more ankle boots?

  11. ankle boots?
    i think this shoe situation has effected you severely…
    i will take some time before writing another shoe post!until you recover at least!

  12. Passy? Kopse to sex and the city

  13. You think that men must have no preferences with regards to female accessories?

  14. E kitakse… y not! Aplos u express ur enthusiasm 2 passionately about this subject:P

  15. This is a blog. Reality doesn’t walk here.

  16. em……. it does! u can find lots of reality checks here. do u just hide in here?

  17. It doesn’t. Your posts are proof of that

  18. morfeas’s posts are proof of that?
    ouff, i’m confused…reality, our blog and the universe.

  19. Thelis na pis oti ta posts mu have no sign of reality??

  20. re morfea, were u calling by the way?

  21. POLLA RESPECT sta marc jacobs , ke poli trendy.
    touta malista areskun mu 😛

    en apopsata 😉

  22. anonymous

    ”Course it ain’t the shoes that make the difference at the end of the day” (the passenger ?)
    simfono os ena simeio.parolauta that particular shoes can mean something 4 someone. Opos anafere i maria t. den miloume g ena aplo papoutsi ,den miloume gia mia marka mlm g ena ergo texnis. Os tora .. tous teleutaious aiwnes t papoutsia itan pano kato t idia..t sxedio en ixe ala3i pote. to takouni itan ekei pou itan.and then something happened.. to takkouni metakini8ike k pire ali 8esi. se kapia xronia p tora, 8a vlepoume xiliades vitrines me diafora xromata apo papoutsia, diafora sxedia..ala prose3ete to takouni den 8a einai piso..ala mprosta anapoda k antistrofa ;p

  23. axx!
    agapite/ti anonymous!

    me katalamvennis!
    simmerizese ton enthusiasmo mu!

  24. anonymous

    lege me apla anonymous:P
    den einai toso g sena p t leo, ala g t paputsi epd to a3izei (:P)
    anw.. i admire your inspiration
    just so you know

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