FM Stereo -by morfeas9

To epomeno tragudi to afieroni o Takis apo ta Levgara, efxaristo gia ta kala su logia Taki mu, stin Vasilitzi apo tin Vavatsinia, pu opos lei o idios tin ide mia fora mesa se ena xorafi na sorovgi lalledes ke apo tote den mpori na tin ksexasi. Vasilitzi mu an akus stile minima gia na epikinonisis me ton Taki. Pame lipon na to akusume, me mia dosi alithinis paranias ke adiasis.

What am i supposed to do,
to keep from going under?
NOW you’re making holes in my heart,
and YES it’s starting to show!
I’ve been holding back,
is it any wonder?
Since you walked right into my life,
and interrupted my                     


-I apologize people, ftei i Vasilitzi who’s messing with my brain/or what’s left of it. Should I release this wave of stupified posts upon you?-

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