with-. -by maria t.



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15 responses to “with-. -by maria t.

  1. Journey

    wow!whats that?

    is it a stone?

  2. ehh, it’s not stone..!

  3. with loooooooooooove with love and happiness you find the tenderness you change the world with love.

    sorry for ruinnning your post with a bit of tamta but en emporusa na sigkratitho:P

  4. you are a mean, mean person.!

  5. marilena

    Pelvic bone? sindeetai me tin sexualikotita je kata kapion tropo je me tin agapi.

    Ma i tamta traguda je sta agglika?

  6. fatsarei mou gia kokkigga i whatever to laloun jinto fused bone at the bottom of the spine.


    ouffou e3iasa to o level mou tis viologias.

    what a disaster.

  7. it’s a bone. don’t know which part, and it doesn’t matter, really. just a bone.

  8. Haha….the way you said that, it sounded like subtle indignation, as if you are saying “Oh God, look people, it’s just a bone allright?”


    I don’t know, I think at one point I thought of a medium beef steak when I saw the bone. I was hungry allright? You know those cartoons where someone is very hungry and he sees the other like a giant roast chicken? Anyways, Marilena thought of sex and love and Roam thought of O-level biology.I love this whirlwind of impulses.

  9. Tamta is cute but last time I’ve seen her she needed to put on some weight.

  10. ha!i enjoyed the reading of the photograph, i really did!

    but anyways, a bone is not “just” a bone so.

  11. hey passy!
    are you sitting with your elbow to your knee, your head pointing to the floor…with your chin placed on your fist..?
    “mmmm hmmm, the bone”


  12. That and with a german accent too.

  13. Tamta… not my protipo of a woman.

    Irini Merkouri… Now that’s how I want my steak cooked!!

  14. btw i loveee passy. in the beginning i read pussy but then it made sense!

    that’s what ill be calling passenger from now on.

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