Untitled -by morfeas9

Ime polla konta sto na arxiso na kamno delete ta posts mu… eshi pramata that I can’t look at. Things that made sense at that moment, but now they simply stand as embarrassing souvenirs. Well… at least at some point when I have the guts, I will look back and laugh at -hopefully- the passing scenes of my life. Something like a diary… but a bit more encoded. I know that some posts make sense only to me, but hopefully at some point I have succesfully stimulated a nerve outside of my being. I’m now officially wondering what’s this blog to me. Is it a continuation of my art practise? Maybe I should present it next year as a project and get a mark for it! Is it just spurs of inspirations, things that got stuck in my brain? At some points I spilled some internal intestines at you, got a bit personal, but at times maybe I’m still hiding.

What do you find in here? Why do you pass by?



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3 responses to “Untitled -by morfeas9

  1. The Sex, the Drugs and the Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    Whaddya mean I’m in the wrong room, huh?

  2. @passenger: O.K. …i think.

    @mouflon: no man… there’s lots of that under cover in here!:)

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