U.C.T. -by morfeas9

Universal conspiracy theory: “What you believe will happen, is actually going to happen.”



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12 responses to “U.C.T. -by morfeas9

  1. Update: This blog has prophetic abilities!

  2. what’s the latest prophesy?

  3. Eγω μαζι σου ειμαι..

  4. malakies , ampleosofies ke foutouristika theories that will never exist.

    cut the secret 😉

  5. maria rota me prosopika ke tha su po!:P

    I do truly think that if u believe that something is about to happen, it will happen -due to universal forces conspiracing towards that aim. This is something beyond positive thinking, cuz it takes place in unfortunate events as well.

  6. And yes… some of my posts in this blog have alternate meanings after all. I know it sounds as B.S. but

  7. 11, 17, 23, 25, 28. Joker 17.

  8. ela na su po?? en pu to prawnkraka pu epiaes tunta numbers?

  9. are you talking about the law of attraction?

  10. a post on that coming up soon!:P

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