Vibrations -by morfeas9

A person’s thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, and beliefs cause a change in the physical world that attracts positive or negative experiences that correspond to the aforementioned thoughts, with or without the person taking action to attain such experiences. This process has been described as “harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction”, or “you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your experience”.

Some proponents of a more modern version of the Law of Attraction claim that it has roots in Quantum Physics. According to them, thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy. In order to control this energy, proponents state that people must practice four things:

  • Know what one desires and ask the universe for it. (The “universe” is mentioned broadly, stating that it can be anything the individual envisions it to be, from God to an unknown source of energy.)
  • Focus one’s thought upon the thing desired with great feeling such as enthusiasm or gratitude.
  • Feel and behave as if the object of one’s desire is already acquired.
  • Be open to receiving it.

Hmmm…. I should buy a book bout this stuff. Sounds extremely familiar to me. I mean, I was aware of its existense, but the words universe and energy do come out of my mouth alot when somebody tries to have a conversation with me on religion.


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20 responses to “Vibrations -by morfeas9

  1. Yeah, yeah I know… “The Secret”.

  2. marilena

    Απομίμηση των μαλακιών του Coelho. Σειρνουν τζαι λιο popular science τζαι φκαινουν πουπανω. Ακουσα εν να ρτουν στην Κύπρο να κάμουν σεμιναριο, διαιρωτούμαι ποσα εν να στοιχίσει..

  3. Kitakse… malakies tuta pu grafi to post or malakies to secret? B clear pls:P

  4. marilena

    Γιατι τουτα που γραφει το ποστ εννεν που το the secret?

  5. nai.
    malakies :p
    tested and not working.
    though positive thinking usually works 😉

  6. lefty… knowing you eparetises ta meta p 3-4 meres. i dont think that it works that way.:P

    to get something back from this energy you need an ample quantity of belief and confidense.

  7. I hope you are being sarcastic here

  8. se genika plesia ne… but i do believe that confidense, positive energy and a dose of optimism can turn in your favor.

  9. Phew.

    Well yes. Having lack of confidence, negative energy and pessimism can hardly lead to a better life.

  10. Yeah… but you need an extra push in order to reach happiness.

  11. Don’t like the word happiness. i can’t say satisfaction. Anyway, to reach a desired state.

  12. Lol… good one!:P

    That’s not what I was thinking of though…

  13. I use pills myself :p

  14. I’m in Deep trouble ’cause right now I’m thinking I should be going to the loo! Attraction?

  15. it was a joke u idiot. though now i could need some

  16. @lefty: apeksartisi tora!:P

    @mouflon: e pu ise ke en mporis na pais to the loo?

  17. Μπορώ… αλλά θέλω πραγματικά να ελκύσω τα κόπρανα;

  18. It’s ur decision. An den to thelis pragmatika it won’t happen:P

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