Olives -by morfeas9

Martin Creed, The Duveen Galleries, Tate Britain

Work No. 850 centres on a simple idea: that a person will run as fast as they can every thirty seconds through the gallery. Each run is followed by an equivalent pause, like a musical rest, during which the grand Neoclassical gallery is empty.

This work celebrates physicality and the human spirit. Creed has instructed the runners to sprint as if their lives depended on it. Bringing together people from different backgrounds from all over London, Work No. 850 presents the beauty of human movement in its purest form, a recurring yet infinitely variable line drawn between two points.

“In Palermo we went to see the catacombs of the Capuchin monks. We were very late and only had five minutes to see it all before closing time. To do it we had to run. I remember running at top speed with my friends through the catacombs looking desperately left and right at all of the dead people hanging on the walls in their best clothes, trying our best to see it all… it was a good way to see it. It was that kind of delirious running which makes you laugh uncontrollably when you’re doing it. I think it’s good to see museums at high speed. It leaves time for other things.” – Martin Creed

Find out how to take part in Work No. 850 as one of the runners.

Well… it seems like an interesting proposal, whilst touching the cliche concept of standing still infront of an art piece in order to absorb its diverse nature through the pass of time. As maria t. noted, the choice of Tate Britain housing paintings coming from classical approaches suits this piece the most. Yet, it seems to me that it does not offer a dimensional solution to the problematics associated with liminal spaces, since the actual viewer is not engaged in this catch-a-glimpse game, but remains isolated in observing a third party.



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6 responses to “Olives -by morfeas9

  1. I think that the beauty of human movement is dance, not running.

    Hmm…I have an idea for an art project. Since these people were inspired by the Capuchin catacombs they could try to mummify themselves and I don’t know, hung themselves on the walls of Tate. They could call it the beauty of human decay or something. And then, people can volunteer to run around them laughing hysterically.Now that would be art.

  2. Ok passy… actually my latest project is on dance. Something that celebrates the sensual movements of arabesque tunes. Sounds good?

  3. Now why don’t I believe you?

  4. Ha? Y not? Ive got proof!!

  5. Maybe I should believe you

  6. Do you want the proof?:P

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