Cholera -by morfeas9

Open Competition “Prawnkraka” 2008

Prawnkraka Inc. proudly opens the new competition for blog practisioners, who will come up with an innovative visual or written representation of Cildo Meireles’ “How to Build Cathedrals” (1987) installation. The project requires the adaptation of its religious and socio-political dimensions to Cypriot cultural activities, meaning that the piece must be recognised as a Cypriot re-edition of the original one.

-Sumbissions end on 17th August.

-Prize and winners will be shortly announced afterwards.

-For more information please contact the organisers through on-line means.

I tripped on that piece accidentally today and it seemed so familiar. It rung a bell on thinking-processes that always come up when I visualise the gold and silver still offered in His name. Google it.

Cyprus 2008


Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be politics?, Could it be tradition?

4 responses to “Cholera -by morfeas9

  1. You want someone to write or paint a description of what would exist if some Cypriot artist went and did a copy of this thing adapted to Cypriot issues?

  2. Although I am not really familiar with the original, I believe the CY edition already exists. See “Little Makarios” next to “Big Makarios”. They intend to remove “Mr. Big” and INSTALL him up in the mountains, by the Ethnarch’s grave. Huh?

  3. @passy: mayb….

    @mufflon: its sculptor is coming tonight at my house for suvlakia… this is not an illusion i’m serious. maybe i should suggest a new project! you can’t believe the crap that guy has to face.

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