question mark. -by maria t.

While playing his guitar, he turned to me and had the nerve to ask that question.

how rude!

I even had to stop playing my tambourine.

blunt!almost too harshly impolite!

you are not suppose to ask such things.

“what is art?” (i did not just write that)

ok. every now and then we’ll have a definition posted.

“The question as to what art is- let me answer it immediately and in the simplest manner…”

(Benedetto Croce -1952)



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6 responses to “question mark. -by maria t.

  1. had the nerve? that’s his job maria. to have the nerve.

    next time i am bringing my avlos!

  2. haa!ok then!

    we should get us a name!

  3. We ought to call ourselves The Veranda’s

  4. How dared he defy the indefinite details of art, the bastard…

    how bout Blog D-lan? πάντα με συνοδεία φυσαρμόνικας

  5. “veranda’s blog d-lan”

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