Budget -by morfeas9

Here comes the greatly appreciated contribution of the Idiot Mouflon to the Open Competition put up by Prawnkraka Inc. Despite the fact that I am usually asked to become the art critic, I will just show my enthusiasm over the time/effort/thinking that went into this and thank him for assisting my effort in critically portaying this issue.


THE PEN IS MUSKIER THAN THE SWORD -First Draft, 02/08/2008



Photo 1


Two replicas of the items depicted above, a pen and a table knife rescued from one of Archbishop Makarios’s hang-out places after the 1974 Coop. They bare visible signs of the bombing and the fire that ensued. 


The “Pen and Sword” symbolize the two basic principles of the mentality that characterized both His followers and His opponents, Misinformation and Violence.


The items should be installed onto manure-ridden ground, aiming to replicate the suffocating atmosphere of that/this era.


They should also be surrounded by a wall made of clay that will resemble the image of the upper part of a flower-pot (brim at shoulder-height).


Concealed speakers will play a 24/7 trance-remix of His well-known radio broadcast “…Gnorimi einai I foni pou akoueis” interwoven with excerpts from speeches by his successors in both the political and the religious throne.




For Pen & Sword.  Although externally they should resemble the texture of the original items, the basic suggested material should be polystyrene for both practical and symbolic reasons. The polystyrene should have the exact shape of the original items and it can then be given the appropriate coloring through the use of fire-proof varnish. To avoid drifting due to excessive wind, the use of grapnels made of metal or cement is suggested. An alternative or additional measure would be the use of metallic rods inside the core of the polystyrene.               


For surrounding wall and the ground (flower pot).  Clay, normal soil and manure.




During the nighttime, intense light can be used –as in photo 2 –so as to avert the public from directly looking at the items. 


Photo 2


SIZE: (Height, width, depth, in meters)


For Pen. 3.50 x 0.75 x 0.75 (Width and Depth at base)


For Sword.  0.60 x 3.00 x 0.60 (Depth at mid-section)


TITLE: « The Pen is Muskier Than the Sword » **


** Caution should be used in the spacing of the first two words so as to avoid the impression of “Penis Muskier Than the Sword”.


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3 responses to “Budget -by morfeas9

  1. Passenger sorry for deleting your comment but could you express yourself more politely on somebody else’s effort please?

  2. @Morfeas
    “…I will just show my enthusiasm over the time/effort/thinking…”

    All twelve minutes of it.


    Yes… but Holy Crap.

  3. If it just took you twelve minutes then we have found a new Damien Hirst.

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