my break.(the break from the break). -by maria t.

i will not leave this weekend.

i will stare at my ceiling just like good old times.

i will get bored. and then i’ll start staring at the posters on the wall across my bed.

then, i’ll turn the music down because it will be after midnight. and then i’ll walk barefoot, outside, in my veranda. i’ll turn my eyes to the sky and smile…or cry, depending on the day i had.

then, water my plants. clear up the dried up leaves. and throw them away.

i’m not going anywhere this weekend.



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16 responses to “my break.(the break from the break). -by maria t.

  1. haa!
    well, i do tend to act…or write, a bit over the top!

  2. why not? Crying is good. Set your emotions free 🙂

    i might take a break from the break as well!
    ekourase me i monotonia ke i routina tis kiprou!

    Hope I am not the only one.
    I will stare the ceiling and then water my orchid 😀

    then smoke smoke smoke .
    then (hopefully) sleep!

  3. marilena

    There’s nothing like Nicosia in August

  4. I ‘ve missed spending time with my plants. I guess they are not considered “my” plants anymore…

  5. Marilena it’s time you got a blog. Ατε !


  6. putting aside passys sarcastic comments on my melodramatic star watching and crying situation…=p
    i would agree with him on the “marilena it’s time you got a blog”.!

  7. it’s worse when u feel shallow.
    very shallow
    and u have nothing to fill the void with.

    and the available material is decomposing anyway…

    aahh here we come to the august minor depressive mood.

  8. marilena

    Someday, amidst Greenwich park I might feel the urge to do so.

  9. Maria why do you always see sarcasm in my comments? Are you actively looking to find sarcasm in everything I write here?

  10. i feel like sarcasm is part of your (blog) personality.
    i find it charming…sometimes!

  11. Geo @ tr

    mana m tın verantua!!

  12. reee geo@tr, i didn’t know you can get wifi in the wild jungle!
    take care!don’t get too close to the mad animals..(and i don’t mean the four legged ones)!
    well, just don’t be too hippie, that’s all.

    je fere kanena soropiastonn!

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