lordos baas. -by maria t.

If you are a cypriot who respects himself, then you must know what i’m talking about!

How many times did you sit on that white plastic surface?

….those summer nights… on your veranda, while eating your pattixa and xalloumi and while watching t.v. (that your dad brought outside especially for this summer night)!

…you know what i’m talking about…

the white plastic chair!

BUT! my dear cypriot reader, a thoughtful designer, Maarten Bass, wants to save us by an upgrade on the original design! This summer is gona be different!

The white plastic chair has turned into a wooden one(elm wood specifically)!




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9 responses to “lordos baas. -by maria t.

  1. wow! en polla wraia alla san tis prototipes den eshei. sindedemenes me ti zwi kathe kipraiou…

    Na valleis 2 karekles apenanti j na aplwneis j ta podia su? ti wraio prama.


  2. haa!yeah, you seem to know what i’m talking about!

    eee, ok san tin original eneshi!
    alla to kalojerin fefki agapiton tsartelludin,
    je i aspres i tsaeres en je kamnun gia indoors!
    so, tha exumen to ksileno, aesthetically friendly model, to keep us company during the winter months!(??)

  3. Is it real wood or plastic painted as wood?
    Well, interesting…

  4. mousskraka

    I hate you, your veranda, and I’m not cypriot ;)))

  5. @queen
    it’s real wood, the whole thing.

    could this be my french husband currently living in germany?this anger seems strangely familiar!

  6. mousskraka

    I’m never angry.. just stoooop making me jealous with your cypriot veranda eveningsssss! .. while i’m left alone with the fuckin’ work in the bad german summerrrr! 😛
    [and btw, go to sleep, dear wife:) ]

  7. maria are you cheating on me with some french?!?!

    ps: omg i want that chair. and strangely enough my family doesn’t own any white chairs….
    When is the Malloupas and Papacostas 4 day clearance? I have to buy a couple in order to restore the cypriot balance in my place.

  8. baby(i.e.roam),
    you had to find out sooner or later,
    with one way or the other..
    we got married a couple of months ago, the french guy and i.
    but i assure you that you’ll always have a special place in my heart!

    now, regarding that beautiful chair(and i mean the white one of course),
    you have to get one, en andropi!
    just go to any super market!

  9. hahaha i karekla!!!
    En eshei spitin pou na men tin eshei, ma to Theo!

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