Sight -by morfeas9

A stranger. Someone you have never spoken to, yet your eyes met a thousand times in 2 minutes.

A force of coincidence brought you together in the same place. Your heartbeat racing. And that’s it. Bittersweet leftovers and yet you smile before falling asleep, until it fades away.

Ever happened to you?



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11 responses to “Sight -by morfeas9

  1. Man I love this cross-referencing comment shit.

  2. May I require an explanation?:)

  3. Dig up your blog archives, you should.

  4. Can I have it koutsia katharismena pls?

  5. Ok. So I’ll take it as an insight joke between you and yourself.

  6. The postsecret link you have on the right has a lot of sadness and despair in it. What do you think?

  7. I think that us 2 will find it difficult to hold a real conversation:)

  8. Well yeah. Real conversations belong to the real world.

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