stays mainly in the plain. -by maria t.

Did it really rain today?

i’m not quite sure if it did. or maybe it was one of my day dreaming sceneries…

a while ago though, i went outside…i sat on my chair, and it was damp.


well, it seems that it did, after all.




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13 responses to “stays mainly in the plain. -by maria t.

  1. Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω τι δείχνει η φωτογραφία…

  2. @passy
    it didn’t?well, i might be crazy after all…
    (i think it only rained in my area. while being in an ecstasy because of the sight of rain on my window, i called a couple of friends to share the moment, and they didn’t have a clue. they lived in nicosia as well.)

    i photo apikonizei mia fatni(tou mikrou xristouli) ke ine travigmeni se ena mini kotsiati.

  3. Είδες πόσο μεγαλούπολη εν η Λευκωσία; Βρέχει στην μιαν πλευρά της τζιαι στην άλλη λάμπει ο ήλιος.

  4. being sarcastic there passyyy???

    leave my city alone.=p
    e ok. en je ipamen oti en new york, alla ena respectable amount of choices eshi to!i insist!

  5. Fine fine I won’t press the point.

  6. Twra touto me to New York… are making it hard for me to constrain myself here you know?

  7. why don’t ya say what you wana say misterr?
    [xazevondas tus ouranoksistes tis lefkosias apo to parathiro=p]

  8. I’m saving it for another occasion

  9. fatni? i’d say its a piece of wood with bird shit on it lol

  10. hey!watch that language lefty!
    well, it used to be a fatni at least=p
    you’ll win yourself a trip to jerusalem if you can spot the provato!!!

  11. lol sorry!
    of course I can. I think there is two of them. Maybe three. I’m not sure if its gum or a provato!

    But I want my trip to jerusalem!

  12. the competition has ended.
    the contestants will get informed shortly on the prices.

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