The rain in Spain -by morfeas9

Today 18/Aug/08: Partly cloudy, 27°

I’m wondering which national humidity levels will my skin buds experience in the near future. How should I know?



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11 responses to “The rain in Spain -by morfeas9

  1. ohhh but you ‘should’ know!


    it’s ‘the RAINNN in Spain’!

  2. ok i will be changing it right now sir!!!

  3. good for youuu soldier!MARCH!

  4. no no… its still august!

  5. ‘a walk, especially by a group of soldiers all walking with the same movement and speed’

  6. i am sooo not!

    i just had to find the exact definition because soomeone was not familiar with the meaning!

  7. it was a joke!!! J-O-K-E :p

  8. joke?
    i don’t doo jokes!

    march off!

  9. go!

    ate kani!
    en krima jini pu enna ta 8kiavasun istera!

  10. I shall not be silenced!!!

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