Red -by morfeas9

“Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try.”

Mary Kay Ash

Cyprus’ Youth 2008  



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15 responses to “Red -by morfeas9

  1. and this quote was copied and pasted from the “i’m too tired to play that old game!” guy..

  2. not everything is about looooooove maria… aint it?

  3. this post is targeted towards another problematic issue!

  4. loooveee is in all relationships morfeas.

  5. yeah yeah… but your above reference was explicitly love-related as in affair-love.

    so don’t get mentally deep with me now:P

  6. nobody talked about an affair!
    they’re passee anyway.

    ok,ok, your ‘red’ is about daring…
    if you don’t dare to give or receive love…
    then you might as well…
    i don’t know..

    you get my point?

  7. and something else…

    telika en tha pais stes perioxes kokkinoxoriwn simmera?


  8. Well yes i agree bout the dare to love concept… yet my red is dedicated to youth and their longings. Especially concerning career-wise choices. That’s been hanging around my mind lately.

  9. Ne kapote prepi na ksekiniso na pao!!:P

  10. Oh I get it now, it’s a colour thing.

    I tried to do the same ages ago, but with poems.

    Unfortunately I only managed to do red. This failure will haunt me forever

    Well ok,not really.

  11. man…
    red really does not go with your gnosta career yparksiaka!

  12. @passy: just lol!

    @maria: not my career’s iparksiaka. everybodys!!

  13. Yeah man, me too. I don’t know what my Bachellors should be on. I mean, I’m so conflicted. I mean my whole life might depend on what course I follow and I just can’t decide. Should I change my current course? Should I stick with it and just do a Masters on some other course? Help me guys!

    What do you mean I’m no longer a student. What? It’s all in the past you say?No….no….this isn’t happening…no get away from me…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. passsy?
    are you all right????

  15. Eshis oreksis simera passy… yup i know. It’s one of the most interesting conflicting issues that an almost-adult person could have, yet it should be taken seriously.

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