dedicated to anyone who will mention anything about any football match. -by maria t.

midget factory’s new attack on the walls of old nicosia.




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16 responses to “dedicated to anyone who will mention anything about any football match. -by maria t.

  1. Αγαπούμε Φάνο Κυριάκου.
    Δεν μπορώ mariat, τις μάππες….

  2. we love phanos kyriakou, and phanos kyriakou loves us?
    his work is amazing:)

    ute ‘gw tis mborw tis mappes urban tuliiippp..!
    really…i even despise that sight of excessive green on the t.v. screen…
    and i would not be able to constrain myself if someone comes up to me today saying…i don’t know, something like “inda prama epses aaa?”, or…something simpler as “zito i anorthosisss!”

  3. Δεν με πειράζει το ποδόσφαιρο….με ενοχλεί η νοοτροπία και οι φανατικοί και οι κουβέντες που κάνουν τα “κοπέλλια” για τις ομάδες τους.

  4. to podosfero ine to opio tou kypriakou laou!


  5. Oh yeah almost forgot

    Enta prama epses a!

  6. reee passyy!are you a football fan?just wondering!

  7. I enjoy watching good football and I am glad when Cypriot teams do well in European matches. Other than that, no, I am not what you would call a “supporter” of any club.

    And who is this Fanos?

  8. well, phanos kyriakou is a young contemporary artist aka “midget factory”, he mostly creates installations. he has scattered display windows in old nicosia (with his chosen content), his main one is in aischylou street, called ‘temporary space’.

    he also works with street art.
    just walk around the old city and observe the walls!

    that’s all i know of him!
    aaaa!also, he grows a beard and wears glasses with bold frames.
    i saw him once, and asked him how he survives. he said that some collectors support him…he gets some money every few months.

  9. marilena

    Nai a?
    I would expect something like ‘The answers feed me.’

  10. i would give that a 46 marilena!



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