the teacher. -by maria t.

he doesn’t even teach me anymore.

we used to fight in a civilized verbal manner about current events.

he was a bit of a patriot.

a cambridge graduate, on classics.

i would write poetry, and he would be the one reading it.

he doesn’t even teach me anymore, but we had some souvlakia tonight.

i thought that he should be the one to bring me out of my mayakovsky hysteric affair.

so he gave me a collection on contemporary american poetry and told me to read some charles simic.

as a bonus, three dvds. the seventh seal by bergman, an aggelopoulos, and the suspended step of the stork.

he asked me if i kept writting. and told me that i should send some of my stuff, at some place, to be published.

the fucking cypriot matter is not ready to be solved, he said, because there are people like him in society, who were taught den ksexnw songs in the eighties. the education system in cyprus was that of greece’s in 1910, he said.

we gossiped and ate souvlakia.

…after reading some simic i decided i like allen ginsberg best.

(p.s. personal message to you..: don’t smoke a lot.)



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13 responses to “the teacher. -by maria t.

  1. This post is different , on many levels, than anything else I’ve read in quite a while.

  2. maria am about to meet my “teacher” tomorrow. she doens’t teach me anymore, I haven’t seen her in 13 years. but there is something that keeps her smile still framed in my head.

  3. Are you two twins or something? Whatever one does so does the other!

  4. I am a knight-in-seventh-seal wannabe.

    And I smoke.

  5. Mayakovsky hysteric affair huh.

  6. @passy
    different…?the post?anyway.
    morfeas and i are twins, he was the first to come out, two years earlier than me though, from a different mother.
    you just must see us walking around in matching clothes.!

    haaa!you made me laugh with your “knight-in-seventh-seal wannabe” thing!

    now, regarding your smoking habits i would suggest you read those beautiful lyrics of mister ginsberg:

    @evil twin
    how is it ever possible that you kept contact with a teacher who taught you when you were 8?

  7. lol… she was my first art teacher and actually did teach me when I was 8. I remember her face, her aura… despite of how falsely romantic it may sound. I found her number, gave her I call… as soon as I muttered my name she said things, spoke of bonds that don’t occur daily. She has always been there.

  8. yes, i do know what you are talking about.

  9. ppeeee sorry to spoil the poetic side of the post.

    re maria ekames se na fenesai polla alternative re paidi mou. mono to tiri – krasi – stafili part elipe.

    haha you rock re evil twin of maria. je go persi ivra tin daskala mou sto dimotiko je ekalese me gia kafe esso tis. 2 kids already maaan…!

  10. krasin ishen, alla en souvlakia pu efamen!
    mmm, twra pu to lalis enna eterkazen kallittera to tiri stafili style.

    ti na su pw re roam, en o mister teacher pu en o alternative, jinos ftei gia ulla.
    edosen mu je goody bag en ton kani.

  11. morfea, twra ekama click…
    sto parapano comment su, you sound sooo much like our fellow flatmate, the vougiouklaki and floricienta lover. with all that “aura” and stuff.

  12. bergman tzai aggelopoulos? dear god…katalavainw..its art..really really slow art.
    have fun watching a fly across the room for about 12 minutes ;-D

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