walking by. -by maria t.

an untouched,

left alone,



a piece of land…

with soil and all the relevant.

….in central london.

quite exciting, really.


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4 responses to “walking by. -by maria t.

  1. achilleas

    panta sygkineis me gmt! :””(

    se llio jairo enna deis ena pano na kremmete kapou jame giro: ‘It was a nice plot.’


    Maria: tht\s amazing actually. it is the first time that i am seeing XOMATSIES sto londino.
    nice project love.

  3. guys guys!
    i miss the summer days…

    achillea, ena pragma tha su pw:
    “which side are you on boy, which side are you on?”

    fos tis zois mu.

  4. that is pretty exciting heh. i love the plots of dirt in cyprus..it makes me feel less claustrophobic.

    wouldnt get too excited tho..it looks like they cleared it up for some impending building work

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