i never thought that… -by maria t.

…deleting 120 photographs from my camera by mistake would hurt me so much.



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6 responses to “i never thought that… -by maria t.

  1. OMG! e kai vevaia it hurts!! egw itan na klaiw gia meres! en giafto pou vgazoume fwtografies allwste, gia na apothanatisoume stigmes pou itan polu ksexwristes gia mas. Otan aftes xanontai einai les kai svisame tis idies tis anamniseis

  2. In time it will not hurt at all

  3. let me guess…

    all the borough market photos are….gone?
    vanished into thin air?

    no more borough market electrons in your memory card?

    i am sure we can retrieve them somehow love…

    do not lose faith.

    maria esteila to UCAS.
    Ekama apply sto Kings for 5 years as well…

  4. Eat some of that pie you have there and it will all pass

  5. mousskraka

    C’est la vie.
    ..could have been more!
    Remember that time when there were no memory cards, but films with 24 exposures.
    Do some philosophy about the history and evolution of “pictures” from the first cave paintings until that particular day of october 2008 when maria t. lost 120 photos. Then eat some tzatziki, go fill your memory card again by taking weird pictures, and write an article on your blog. (anything you want but cats)
    That’s all..

  6. i’m so sorry to hear that..

    It seems you must be really sad to eat that 😛

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