Not It -by morfeas9

This post is subliminally unaware of its self-awareness. It possesses a pre-cognative quality of  conciousness that recognises its failure in attempting to function succesfully. Thus, it consists of a succesive attempt in reaching the incomprehensable utterness of linguistic terms.



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20 responses to “Not It -by morfeas9

  1. It sure is incomprehensible.

  2. Nonsensical is a better description.

  3. Anyway… passy maybe you comprehended the complete meaning of this post and you don’t know it. There are many scenarios.

  4. Yet, the post knows it for you.

  5. iste ke oi dio protinomenoi gia apoxorisi.

  6. kopse to x-factor maria!

  7. sakis aint the one for you maria!

  8. Anthropofagia…. Basically leftovers of today’s lecture.

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