Semi(otics) -by morfeas9

“What’s the smartest thing to ever come out of a woman’s mouth?”

– “Einstein’s cock!”

Males’ toilet, Second cubicle on the left, Right wall (as seated)



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12 responses to “Semi(otics) -by morfeas9

  1. Lemme get the popcorn this should be fun

  2. you fucking asshole.

  3. ok maria was a bit intoxicated last night anyway…. I didn’t say I believe in this saying. Just declaring a statement.


  4. ohh don’t worry about this morfeas..!
    i was just trying to fulfill passys expectations for a little sexism related argument!
    but, you know…
    i cun(‘)t be bothered!

  5. maria morfeas i love u.

    more more more.

    leave the peas alone

  6. Roam… r u feeling ok? You sound like passy with your “more more more” line!

  7. you are sitting on public toilets? 😮

  8. u dont really hav to sit to look at that lefty!:)

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