“this is not here.” -by maria t.

..written with neon lights above the central bar. hanging down from the ceiling. discreet.

i liked the way only a few people would notice it.

and the special dimension it would give to me, reading it, while being drunk.

a couple of nights ago,

it’s not

it wasn’t there.



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13 responses to ““this is not here.” -by maria t.

  1. nahhh!
    take another guess!

  2. I remembered the sign but I connected it with more recent memories on account that I couldn’t have remembered such a small thing from that long ago.

  3. your answer is correct sir,
    you are now one of my favorite peoplez!

  4. 🙂

    ωραίο στιγμιότυπο
    ένταλως ο καθένας μας κτίζει το δικό του κόσμο
    (εν τω μεταξύ εκίνησες μου την περιέργεια τωρά, εννά πάω και εγώ να το δω)

  5. tonia k

    den to prose3a . {interesting}
    maresei to pws teliwneis tin perigrafi.akoma pio endiaferon:p

  6. agapiti ritsa,

    ena prama tha su pw:
    “it’s not there”(anymore).

  7. tonia k, maresei pu me pernis sta sovara;p

  8. “There Never Was”

    Καλός Νέος Πάσχας…

  9. oreos kirie mouflon!
    p.s.:kalimera je ta fota je tin pulustrinan prwta…

  10. tonia k

    eprepe na xairesai p se pernei kai ena atomo sovara!:P pigene sto zara – eu8eia- st prwto stri4e de3ia- metavoli – anapausi – kai ekei iparxei auto p prepei na parei kapios poli sovara gt auto dn legetai oute photographia, oute moda, oute omorfia .. me liga logia KA TA STRO FI
    na ena pragma p prepei na gra4eis k na t pareis sta sovara

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