yoko and johny. -by maria t.



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6 responses to “yoko and johny. -by maria t.

  1. marilena

    So do Yoko and John.
    (If we want it.)

    May you have a surrealist year!

  2. stupid

    Please no ! damn cypriots! think to my paper! I’ve got enough things to write about you, don’t give me more work!
    Well, after 30 years you can wait some more months to solve that damn problem, right?
    If you want, do something about the makarios statues problem instead, but please let the cyprus problem alone for now! ok?

  3. The cyprus problem is in our heads.

    Have a happy new year.. haven’t seen you around by the way!

  4. the year did start, and it sure is surrealist.

    stupid, don’t worry about that!CHECK YOUR EMAIILLL damn itt!!!

    kali xronia re!i haven’t been around a lot, en alithkia su!

  5. Yorkos and Jenny more like it.

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