that incompetent bastard. -by maria t.

some would say.

…while i on the other hand,

i’m trying hard not to fall in love.

he hasn’t studied anything.

probably finished school like ten years ago…

he fled the country…and yeah, ok..went to another one.

so he just lives…and lives.

he wears bold framed glasses…but you know, not in the hip, “geek style is hot” way.

he was trying to tie up his hair..but the length’s inconvenience you see..just where the neck starts.

(title: out of place.  medium: digital photography. date: 2008/2009)



Filed under Could it be art?, Could it be nothing at all?, Could it be politics?

6 responses to “that incompetent bastard. -by maria t.

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  2. i edited the post.
    i wrote the 1st draft in the morning..without coffee.
    that’s my excuse

  3. Oh right.

    Ok, that’s much clearer.

  4. epiasa je egw jino to fito pou to muji je en evlastise potte!! egyrise mou polla!!!!!!

  5. hahahahaa!!!
    re lefty, ute emenan evlastise!
    je epiasa sporus je efitepsa tus jimesa instead!
    ase…o morfeas eshi na me peripezi akoma!

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