DeconstructionAsInnovation (matter2matter/reversal2wardsprogression)-by morfeas9



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23 responses to “DeconstructionAsInnovation (matter2matter/reversal2wardsprogression)-by morfeas9

  1. Φώτο με το καμμένο δακτυλο δεν έχει;

  2. Where will the prawnkraka be then?

  3. And I thought it was something burning

  4. Yes, something is burning passy!!
    Ur braincells..:)

  5. That doesn’t make any sense

  6. It does. It’s a process/device.

  7. ma ti kalaaaaa!!!
    epethimisa para poli tus dialogous sas!
    ta dio palia, kala filarakia exun ksana ‘ndamwsi!
    klaps klaps!
    i heart you morfeas and passy!

  8. passy u know that im always right!:)

  9. maria y the hell u sound so cheesy lately in ur comments? eprosekses to ennen?

    xxx filuthkia
    mats muts

  10. tora sovara pareta ta astia… u hav noticed the cheesy cutsy comments uve been posting lately right? theres a PATTERN!

  11. ti lalisss morfff???xxx(hahahahhaa..eshi polli xazin!)

    oi twra sovara…
    pu eksanafika etsi comment?
    (ektos amman milw tu pass that is!)

  12. so y does passy stimulate that kind of linguistic behaviour ek merous su? what is it about passy that make u feel so cutsy?

  13. “cutsy”?lolationnn!!!


    i ‘m not sure…
    there’s something about him…
    …could it be his sweet aggressiveness..?
    …his childish dismay on everything that’s being offered?
    what do you think?

  14. i think that we’re giving too much attention to him… he’s not even here now. he never is:(

  15. if i was passy i would totally freak out from this conversation!:P
    just kidding passy

  16. don’t be sad…
    he propably is here…
    looking at us.
    hey there passy!

    (lalis na svisume to conversation btw?en na frikari aman to di avrio.!)

  17. Whatever it takes to steer the conversation away from a burning cracker.

    Whatever it takes.

    Maria, I wish I could write down all the things you said about me since my first visit here but unfortunately I always forget and now I just can’t remember them. I think it was something along the lines of me being insensitive or crass or something? It’s been ages since the last time.

    As for the freaking out bit, I reserve that for most of modern art.


    Thank you, thank you *takes a bow* thank you, you’ve been wonderful *takes another bow as the applause becomes louder* thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.

    See, that’s why I like this blog.



    We wouldn’t be here without u passy!

  19. Βρίσκω τζιαι κάμνω as we say in the old country.

  20. Vrikes ke kanis ontos passy. En pirazi re eshi fasi… para na masten tzimismeni en kalon tze lion tension:)

  21. I think passy will print and frame this post above his desk!

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