angles. -by maria t.

“I will go further, i will ask you this question: Look about you-look beyond the seas and across the centuries-and tell me if man has ever acted on anything but the right angle, and does there exist anything round you but right angles?…Placed in the midst of a chaotic nature, man for his own security creates and surrounds himself with a zone of protection in harmony with what he is and what he thinks; he needs a retreat, a citadel in which he can feel secure; he needs things whose existence he has himself determined.  The things he makes for himself are a creation which contrasts all the more with his natural surroundings because its aim is closer to his mind, and further away and more detached from his body…”

Le Corbusier, The City of To-morrow and its Planning, 1929.



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6 responses to “angles. -by maria t.

  1. Oh yeah, I read about this guy in the Guardian a couple of months ago.

  2. July? It was published in July?

    Oh! Ummm…Wow!

    Jesus it’s been that long ago.

    Oh my God and I thought it was last month.

    I’ve written off six months of my life just like that now.

    I need a drink


  3. i enjoy his writings a lot.

    well pass, what can you do?you’re getting too old…exases je ton loarkasmo!

  4. haha!
    holaa bonitaa!!!

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