chaos before deadline. -by maria t.

…have hope my friend.  you shall finish at last.  just enjoy the euphoria of the -chaos before the deadline- state (which i sometimes secretly enjoy)…for now. and later worry about the pressure of everything, and why you have to do it (what?i hope you see what i mean).

his own words: “I feel like I’m only a brain (and a stomach, I’m snacking while working), it’s an interesting feeling.”



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9 responses to “chaos before deadline. -by maria t.

  1. Επάθαν το τζιάλλοι, μετά αποφοιτήσαν και επέρασέν τους.

  2. Anonymous

    prawnkraka inc game of the week:
    cyprus loukoumia are hiding in this picture. Can you find them?
    one evening at maria t.’s veranda for the winner.

  3. atsa, kithara sto vathos;)

  4. that doesnt look like chaos! more like obsessive order i would say

  5. i like!! u like? i like!! emena touti i eikona dia mou empnefsi! no worries maria m…n na teliwsoume….

  6. That’s chaos? Darlin’ you have to see my working space before a deadline…

  7. haa!that’s not my working space though girls…
    it belongs to a friend of mine…and his title for the photo was “chaos!”.

  8. his own words

    “You can’t judge a book by its cover.

    here, [chaos] is supposed to describe a state of mind, not a physical order.
    [chaos] is what led to the lame attempt of reconquest that is pictured above. physical reconquest, in the hope that a mental one would follow.
    So, that [working space] is to be seen as the latest consequence of almost one year [chaos].”

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