Rhythm/ Metrical device/ Container of -by morfeas9




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13 responses to “Rhythm/ Metrical device/ Container of -by morfeas9

  1. why are the photos not blue?

  2. my camera only takes blue pics?

  3. it used to, did it not?at least there was a blue era of your camera, no?

  4. heh… a blue era like picasso? inta pelli i cam mu.

    y didnt u answer THE call today?

  5. yes, your camera is altermodernity’s genius!
    it was on silent…and then it was too late.
    i’ll call tomorrow, 5ish?

  6. I’ll be eating fish in ZIGI, but do give me a call! It’s 5:39 in the morning now and I’m waking up in 3 hours to check out church tomorrow b4 the fish. Gdnite!

  7. “check out church”?we have to talk.

  8. I’m renting one and she’s getting the money! LOL

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