My big fat greek (Greek) theory -by morfeas9

razzmatazzzz4 (11 hours ago)
ok guys relax with greece, we all know greece has a massive history and blah blah blah, its just a movie chill out! 1964Byron awrite man, we get your point, its just a freaking movie chill out dude

ps im greek too!

1964Byron (3 days ago)
Greece is a rich, industrial modern country and according to United Nations currently provides its citizens with the 18th best income out of 240 something countries in the planet. Greece is a small country though, without big media exposure and especially to countries like the U.S. where people do not really read or travel a lot, people form their opinions and stereotypes from movies. And frankly I wouldnt like to be seen as anything of what Vardalos portrays. [TO BE CONTINUED >>>]
1964Byron (3 days ago)
In her last movie filmed in Greece of 2008 she shows a tourist bus (taken from the 50s aesthetically and technologically wise) full of American tourists and driven by a young cave-man looking Greek driver. Ive seen a dozen of so similar American movies filmed in Mexico and other Latin-American countries. I do not care what the final massage is (Greeks founding the true meaning of life and crap). [TO BE CONTINUED >>>]
1964Byron (3 days ago)
I am not surprised more Arabic people and African found the situation appealing to them than Greeks in Greece. Now I dont know exactly how much old-fashioned the Greek-American families are since they were initiated by Greeks who immigrated there 50 years ago. I can understand of course that is a comedy-parody but if she wants to succeed in this, she does not have the right to do it in our expense. Is not a point of good and bad rather than true or false. [TO BE CONTINUED >>>]
1964Byron (3 days ago)
In the first case she shows her Greek family unnaturally dark for Greek. Anybody who lives in Europe or travels enough knows how undistinguishable Greeks and Italians are to a point that the Italian have a saying Una Faccia Una Razza that means One face One race. As for the close family extremities, my self I never encountered them, at least in this extend. Surely we have close families but not like this. Maybe 50 years ago but not now-days. [TO BE CONTINUED >>>]
1964Byron (3 days ago)
It is seen both in the case of her latin-american dark character and her ugly relatives in the My big fat Greek wedding or the Mexican-type bus used in her latest movie in Athens of 2008 with its cave-man-philosopher Greek driver. [TO BE CONTINUED >>>]
1964Byron (3 days ago)
Classic example of an artist who is willing to sell everything for success. In this case she sells her so called country (she is not Greek – she is Canedian really, only from Greek descent) rapped up with the stereotypes Hollywood is willing to buy for her personal success. [TO BE CONTINUED >>>]


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15 responses to “My big fat greek (Greek) theory -by morfeas9

  1. gooo sakkiiiiissssss!!!

  2. !?!?!

    This is our night FLY – JUMP

  3. studio and cube is in my bag

  4. I thought you were Cypriot

  5. @maria: THAAAAANK GOD! eprepe na mu stilis ena msg to calm me down. now i feel better… i spend 6 hours today reading the history of pain. quite painful!

    @passy: se pion anaferese??

  6. Oh right, that wasn’t you.

  7. But she caught me on the counter (It wasn’t me)
    Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)
    I even had her in the shower (It wasn’t me)
    She even caught me on camera (It wasn’t me)

    She saw the marks on my shoulder (It wasn’t me)
    Heard the words that I told her (It wasn’t me)
    Heard the scream get louder (It wasn’t me)
    She stayed until it was over

  8. oh maaannn! you gotta love the 90s!
    ok morfeas, here’s a quiz for ya:

    in which “now” was the above song included?
    you have ten seconds to answer
    1, 2, 3, 4….

  9. NOW 48!! Sorry for the delay!

    Ti kerdizo?? Ti?

  10. TIPOTE!
    your time was up!

  11. time goes by so slowly for those who wait!

  12. mmm, den pirazi morfea..min ta vapseis mavra!
    kseris ti elegan oi arxeoi imon progonoi mas…”opios xanni sto 90’s quiz, kerdizei stin agapi”!

  13. maria…. did that sound funny in ur brain?:P

  14. haha!hey!hey mister!YEAH!yeah!it did actually!i, i, i…i still think it’s kinda, sorta funny…no?
    anyone else???
    is anybody heeerrreeeee???

    p.s. the truth is: i’ve been reading the theory of relational aesthetics for the past three days…the theory, that is.

  15. I’m currently wondering if you’re ok or all the reading/alone time in the house has hit u on the head!

    p.s. the truth is out there! we’re not alone…

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